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Meet Denise Tannis

Denise Tannis

“Every Sunday, my sister (a Pastor) and I meet at a community centre in of one of our urban communities with approximately 25 children to have a Children’s Church. Yes, our Church is strictly dedicated to children. The only adults are the facilitators, (usually, only the two of us). I never saw myself as a Children’s Church facilitator and actually I had tended to stay away from children at a teaching level and any interactions in facilitation were directed at adults. However, God had another plan in mind and so, I teach at Children’s church. What is even more surprising is that I enjoy it. Anyhow, I also wanted to share that our children also see themselves as Children Champions Against Child Abuse. They are very involved in the work that we do in advocating against Child Abuse. They understand the importance of speaking out and to stand up against social injustice in their community. Additionally our children also understand the role of being good community citizens and the importance of biblical principals in their lives. They are taught to love their neighbours, to forgive, to be obedient to their parents and others in authority and to realise that they are important citizens in Gods Kingdom. This is what I do every Sunday in a small community centre in Barbados. My sister and I do what we should all be doing, making a difference in the lives of our children”.

Meet Ryan Greene


Picasso in his Paris studio, surrounded by the tools of his craft and some of his creations. Over 60 years later, imagine a studio, not in Paris but in sunny Barbados and filled not with paints and easels but with computers, monitors, cameras, lighting equipment and digital recorders. Transpose Picasso’s image with that of Ryan Greene, a young black man, but keep the same intense and focused expression - for Ryan is as dedicated to his art as Picasso ever was.

Ryan Greene

I met Ryan several years ago; he contributed to a seminar series on preventing child sexual abuse and anyone present could have been forgiven for thinking he was a public speaker of renown for the audience was transfixed. But he wasn’t, he was an ordinary dad talking about the importance of ordinary dads in making sure they are fully engaged with their children and take up the protective role that comes with fathering. Yes, he is a devoted father to two wonderful children, and yes, he is an activist against domestic violence and child abuse, but his professional life is given over to another of his loves – making films. As CEO of his own company R3Production Inc. Ryan is the genius behind the Ni3 micro films (although as Media Consultant to the project, he does much more). Ryan has many hobbies: salsa dancing, singing, travel, history, architecture, art and especially reading – but nothing (except his children) is allowed to distract him from his work, so these hobbies exist only in my overactive imagination (poetic privilege for him allowing me to write about him). If I have painted a picture of a workaholic with no time for anyone else though, I have done him a great disservice for Ryan is perhaps the warmest and most people-loving person one could meet– I defy anyone to feel miserable in his presence. He is constantly abuzz with ideas – you can see them bouncing of his head as he works but offer him a chicken roti (preferably with mango) and he might even put down his camera.